Life Groups are how we do real life together at North Flushing Baptist Church, becoming more like Jesus through meaningful, Christ-centered relationships. Every Sunday morning, we gather in Life Groups—small groups where we make friends, share in discussion about the Bible, and lift one another’s needs in prayer. Through these Sunday Life Groups  Community Life Group of around 12 to 15 people are formed. These Community Life Groups meet in homes around our ministry area. Community Life Groups offer a more casual place to bring and make friends. Life Groups also serve together throughout the city and beyond, putting faith and compassion into action. These groups are open to anyone who desires companionship while learning biblical truths and seeks to experience a life of faith alongside others who care.

Get Connected to a Life Group


College and Career
singles 18-25

Barry and Julie Mann


Singles and Married
Age 25-40

Matt and Mary Ramsey

Mature Adult

Singles and Married
Age 50-60

Joe and Sheila Hoyt


Age 60+

Dave and Carolyn Simpson



Age 60+

Buz and Sue Nolff


age 60+

Dave and Linda Miller

Connection Card

Sign up with a Connection Card and drop it in the offering plate during a worship service.

Guest Services

Stop by Guest Services and one of our guest services volunteers will assist you.


“Why should I be in a Life Group?”

Let’s face it, we all need Christ centered friends to support us in hard decisions, obstacles we confront, and various challenges we face at almost every turn. Life Groups connect you with friends who really care!

In a Life Group, people will know you and your family where you can receive prayer support, be heard, have fun, and grow spiritually together.  Relationships are hard to do staring at the back of someone’s head in a row during a church service.  They are lived out face-to-face, sharing real life with others in your life stage.  It’s in a Life Group that you’ll find out what church is really all about – people growing in Christ together step by step.

The numbers show that if you begin attending a church there is only a 14% chance you will be in that same church five years later.  That seems alarmingly low.  However, if you begin attending a church and a Life Group your chances of being in that same church goes up from 14% to 87%.  That’s a dramatic increase! We want to get EVERYONE connected in a Life Group!

“Where do Life Groups meet?”

Life Groups are our Sunday morning small group Bible studies. Groups also meet off campus sometimes for fun activities and family life together.

“When and How long do Life Groups meet?”

Once a-week Sunday mornings at 10:00 A.M. for about 45 minutes. Individual Life Groups have fellowships meet at different times throughout the year.

“What do Life Groups do?”

Groups serve to connect people together with “real life” relationships offering a community of good Christian fellowship for all stages of life. Through Bible studies, fun family activities, worship, and spiritual support with prayer everyone can receive encouragement to be who God created them to be for Him and their families.