We are happy to provide a fully-staffed infant and toddler ministry for each of our services. The philosophy of our nursery and toddler ministry is to have a spiritual and inspirational atmosphere designed to help babies know the love of God.  We want to care for babies physically and spiritually, not just give them a place to hang out for a while.  The Sunday 10:00 a.m. hour is staffed by trained teachers who will use a biblically based curriculum to interact with these little ones. In our Sunday 11:00 a.m. hour we work to provide a calm peaceful atmosphere to help your babies feel safe and secure.

Our nursery ministry is well staffed with qualified volunteers trained in CPR, security, and safety procedures.  Several of our leaders are currently or have previously worked in the medical field.   We encourage you to register your little ones into our KidCheck safe check –in system.  This is not required but recommended to save you time. Otherwise we will be glad to assist you when you arrive.