Become A Disciple

Becoming a faithful follower of Christ is what discipleship is all about. The word disciple means “follower of Christ”. Our discipleship ministry is developed for new and mature Christians. Join us on your journey as you begin or continue to follow Christ

Salvation and Baptism

Following Christ starts with a decision to turn from your old life and begin anew with Christ as your Lord and savior. We use the Bible as our only source of information for teaching people what God says about having a permanent personal relationship with Jesus Christ. After accepting Christ, you then follow His command to be baptized.

Church Membership

Membership 101 is a course we have developed to help you learn more about our Doctrine, Church, and ministry. This course serves two purposes. First, to open a door for those who want to become committed to the mission of our church by officially joining our church membership. Second, to offer important information in helping make a prayerful decision if NFBC is where God wants you to commit to serve HIM.

Disciples Making Disciples

We use a series of lessons to do what we call “Life on Life Discipleship”. After salvation and baptism, we encourage you to spend time with one of our trained disciples.  You meet once a week until the the lessons have been completed.  Through this one-on-one relationship we pray that you become a faithful follower of Christ, “able to teach others also”.

Adult Institute for Discipleship(A.I.D.)

Small groups meet Wednesday evening at 6:30 for prayer and Bible study. We schedule the institute by semester. Each semester offers three or more classes you can sigh-up for depending on your level of growth or interest. For example, we offer our Discovery Series for starting your spiritual growth journey here at NFBC: Church Membership 101, Spiritual Maturity 201, Ministry 301, and Missions 401.  We encourage starting with this series if offered at the time of sign-up and then move into other courses. If one of these is not offered choose a topic of interest to you. We pray you will find great personal benefit in your spiritual growth and walk towards God’s purpose for your Real Life as a follower of Christ.