Real Life Ministries

Real Life Ministries (RL) is the name and concept we have chosen for our adult ministries. We believe that Christianity is our real everyday life, not just what we do on Sundays. God wants to be in our everyday life. Real Life Ministries give adults opportunities to come together with other Christians for needed encouragement in making God a part of everyday life.  RL: Life Groups, RL: Discipleship, RL: Missions, and RL: Activities offer opportunities for a deeper walk with Christ.  Learn more about the Bible while having fun building great Christian relationships. Below you will find short descriptions of Real Life Ministries designed to help you follow Jesus Christ and enjoy Christian relationships in everyday real life.

RL: Life Groups
Life Groups are how we do real life together at North Flushing Baptist Church, becoming more like Jesus through meaningful, Christ-centered relationships. Every Sunday morning we gather in Life Groups—small groups where we make friends, share in discussion about the Bible, and lift one another’s needs in prayer. Through Sunday Life Groups, Community Life Groups of around 12 to 15 people are formed. These Community LIfe Groups meet in homes in various communities around our ministry area. Community Life Groups offer a more casual place to bring and make friends.
Currently Being Developed 
Coming in Fall 2019
RL: Missions
Do you want to step it up a notch in living your real Christian life? Make the step to reach from the church into the world. The Great Commission is given by Jesus Christ with the idea that every church would get involved sending the gospel message around the world.  We strongly encourage involvement for everyone.  “How can I get involved”, you might ask?  Missions trips, giving money for missionaries to work where God has called them, mission projects locally and globally, NFBC mission conferences, offering missionaries a place to stay while in town, personal missionary involvement, praying for missionaries our church supports, and the list goes on. 


RL: Discipleship

Discipleship is foundational to living a real life for Christ. We have developed a discipleship ministry for new and mature Christians. Becoming a faithful follower of Christ is an exciting new journey for beginners as well as for those continuing to follow Christ.
One aspect of our discipleship program are the Adult Bible Studies that meet weekly. Click here to find out more.


RL: Activities

Throughout the year special events and activities are planned specific to women and men.  

Spending time with other women is a beautiful part of spiritual growth, encouragement, and support for everyday life.  Romans 1:12 Says, “That is, that I may be comforted together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me.” Real Life Activities bring women together through various activities and events.  Whatever the stage of life, there are plenty of opportunities for fellowship and fun. You are welcome to attend any of our activities or events.
What if you could hang out with men who desired to be STRONG in the Lord in everyday Real Life? The mission of our men’s ministry is taken from Ephesian 6:10, “Finally, my brethren, be STRONG in the Lord, and in the power of his might.” We strive to make available the right spiritual tools men need to live a STRONG Real Life for Christ.  The Real Life Activities help bring men together to meet the needs relevant to a real walk with Christ. You are welcome to attend any of our activities or events.